Town Services

Town Waste Facility

Please Note!  The town waste facility is closed to the public.  It will be used for town use only.  The board apologizes for this inconvenience.   The disposal site has never met the requirements for a disposal area. No matter what we do at that site it will never meet the requirements of the DNR.  The site is in to close proximity of the creek that runs next to the area. It came down to closing the lawn disposal site or continuing to be in violation, which could come with considerable costs in fines to the town and will not fix the problem.

Update 5/7/20 | The waste disposal site will  be on the annual meeting agenda in July. I can assure you that everything is being done that can be at this point. We are in the process of preparing a plan for our new site. The first step is to get all residents within 1/4 mile of the site to sign off that they are alright with the site being there and they give us permission to burn on the site. We have about 95 percent of the signatures done, but we have to contact them all in person and get the signatures from the renters and property owners in some cases. We now feel confident that we can get all of the signatures. The next step will be moving a lot of things around in the site and cutting down trees and clearing a new site further from the creek.  Then getting some kind of vegetation growing on the old site and draw maps of the new site meeting all of the specifications for a site. After this process is complete we will need to submit our plan along with $550. We want to make sure that the plan will work, because if they do not OK our plan the first time it will cost another $550 to have them reevaluate our plan. This process took the town of Birch Creek two years to accomplish, we hope to do it by fall, but please do not take this as a for-sure thing because there are many steps to the process and the process is not easier with the COVID-19 situation. Thanks. Hope this helps, Brian Guthman

Construction Work 

The culvert on 276th Ave (Pine Lake Road) will be replaced on Wednesday July 15th from 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. Signs will be placed and the road will be closed during this time. Please plan accordingly and thank you in advance for any inconvenience this may cause. 

Also road right-of-ways will be cleared and ditches reconstructed and culverts replaced where needed on 279th St and 304th Ave  Trees have been marked in the right-of-way. There maybe intermitted road closures during this time. 

The Town Hall is available to rent for your party or event. Download the application here.

The pavilion at the Wayside Park can be reserved for your picnic, party or event. Thanks Download the reservation form here.