Town Services

The Town of Lake Holcombe has Two New Wi-Fi Internet Hotspots Update (October 23, 2020)

They are located in the Town of Lake Holcombe Wayside Park near the beach bathhouse and by the pavilion near the ADA accessible fishing dock.   The Town of Lake Holcombe would like to thank the Lake Holcombe Improvement Association (LHIA Inc.) for the donation that made installation possible. There is no cost for using the WI-FI hotspots, but you will have to accept the terms of use agreement. The WI-FI Is powered by Ntera The Lake Holcombe Town board hopes that this will be used with WI-FI assisted calls, to check the weather and other uses. Please remember to check out our website at and other local businesses in the Town of Lake Holcombe.  Please be respectful of the areas, and also know that the areas are monitored by security cameras.

Town Yard Waste Site

Town of Lake Holcombe Yard Waste Disposal and Wood Burning Facility

Wisconsin DNR License #4731
Open 2nd and 4th Saturday | April 1st – November 15th | 9 a.m. – 12 p.m.

Resident of the Town of Lake Holcombe Only

Must have annual pass to enter which you can purchase for $10 at the site when open

Sign in waste disposal site next to attendant shed


  • Disposal site for Lake Holcombe Town residents’ only / not commercial use
  • Must have Annual Pass, which is for sale from attendant when site is open
  • Must check in with attendant before unloading
  • Hand unloading only (no dump trailers)
  • Clean brush only, maximum of 3 inches in diameter
  • Clean leaves and grass clippings-no brush, rocks, soil or other materials
  • No construction demolition materials
  • Attendant has the right to refuse use to anyone not following the rules
  • Please be responsible and follow all rules so not to jeopardize the closing of the facility permanently 


Construction Work

To: Residents on 276th Ave (Pine Lake Road)

The purpose of this letter is to notify you about the work that is planned on 276th Ave. during this construction season.  We will be informing you when these steps will happen to the best of our ability.  Please remember this timeline is subject to change due to weather and other conditions beyond our control.

  • After the road bans are off, 3-4 inches of gravel will be added on top of the existing blacktop. A pulverizer will then pulverize the existing blacktop and gravel to form a new roadbed.
  • The pulverized material will be graded and compacted several times and left to pack by rain and traffic for 4-6 weeks or more.
  • The roadbed will then receive a final compaction and grading. Driveways and intersections will be prepared for transitions on to the new road way.
  • New blacktop, along with bump outs for mailboxes, will be laid by Monarch Paving Company.
  • The final step will be the addition of two foot gravel shoulders on the new road way.

What we need from you as residents. All mailboxes must be dug up and removed as they will be in the way during this entire process.  We highly recommend you place your mailbox in a five gallon bucket or an old milk can (or something similar) so that you can easily move the mailbox and place it out of the way of machinery working on the road way. After the new blacktop and shoulders are in place, it will be up to each resident to reinstall their mailboxes to the required specifications from the post office. 

Here are some helpful guidelines from the United States Postal Services (USPS) to follow with replacing your mailbox:

  • Position your mailbox 41″ to 45″ from the road surface to the bottom of the mailbox or point of mail entry.
  • Place your mailbox so the face is even with the outer edge of the gravel shoulder.
  • Put your house or apartment number on the mailbox.

Residents who are interested in having their driveways blacktopped at the same time as the road can contact Monarch Paving Company at 608-588-4948.  These will be private contracts arranged between the resident and Monarch Paving Company. The town will not be involved in any of these private contracts, nor in any financial arrangements should any residents be interested in blacktopping their own private driveways.

We greatly appreciate your help and cooperation during this upcoming construction season. 

Brian E. Guthman


Contact Dee Dee Shackleton at 715-415-6137 to rent the Town Hall or the Wayside Park Pavilion

Rent the Town Hall
Download the application here.

Rent the Wayside Park Pavilion
Download the reservation form here.


The Recycling Center is open for residents at the following times:

Summer hours April 1 - October 31: The 2nd and 4th Saturday of each month from 9am to 12 pm

Winter hours November 1 - March 31: The 2nd Saturday of each month from 9am to 12 pm

For more information about the Recycling Center, please contact Dee Dee Shackleton at (715) 415-6137.



The Town of Lake Holcombe is moving to only one date for the Annual Recycle Round Up.  This date is set for August 27th, 2022 from 8 am until 12 pm.